Reduce Vessel Operating Costs and Increase Data Visibility
with MarineInsight™

The ioCurrents MarineInsight analytics platform gathers, analyzes, and transmits vessel equipment data in real time to help on-board and shoreside operators make more informed decisions.

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Six Reasons Maritime Operators Around the World
Use MarineInsight

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Optimize usage patterns to extend equipment life with intelligent data.


Increased Fuel Efficiency

Adjust operations in real time to save fuel with equipment analytics.


Minimized Downtime

Threshold and predictive alerts warn operators of potential problems before they happen.

Increased Payload Quality

Monitoring and analytics on RSW tanks and reefer containers ensure cargo stays fresh.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Better data leads to safer operations and lower insurance premiums.


Improved Data Visibility

Previously inaccessible data now visible to on-board and shore-side personnel in real-time.

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Better Data Equals Real Results

In the toughest operating conditions, the MarineInsight analytics platform has proven its ability to reduce operating costs and improve data visibility for customers.

Reduction in Fuel Costs

Reduction in Overhauls

Better Data Access

On Vessel or On Shore,
Make Better Decision in Real Time

Тhe MarineInsight system gathers, analyzes, and transmits data in real time over cellular, satellite or wifi allowing local and remote operators to gain new operational insights through an easy to use cloud portal

See How It Works

What People Are Saying

...this is something the industry has been wanting and looking for a long time and did not know where to find it.

Jerry Downing

Fleet Manager B&N fisheries

It’s a major improvement on the information available to the office during the tugs sailings, we are able to monitor engine data real time and prevent engine failures.

Ed McEvoy

Chief Engineer Western Towboat Company