Optimize Fuel

Reduced fuel consumption. Reduced emissions. Direct impact on your bottom line.

With a live look into current fuel burns and fuel flow, MarineInsight empowers your team to proactively adjust operations for fuel efficiency on every vessel across your fleet.

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Account for Fuel Consumption

Click image to enlarge – Know the trip duration, the direction of travel, total fuel consumption, and fuel efficiency
With the ioCurrents’ MarineInsight platform, we start at fuel accounting, offering you insight into the duration of and fuel consumption on each trip.

But that’s just where we start in achieving fuel optimization! Fuel optimization also includes fuel efficiency and ultimately, the ability to make data-driven decisions that directly impact your bottom line.

Get a live look to achieve fuel efficiency

MarineInsight empowers your team onboard and on shore to achieve fuel efficiency on every trip.

With a live look into current fuel burns and fuel flow, your team can proactively adjust operations and asset behavior for optimal performance throughout every trip. These small adjustments across every trip on each vessel across your fleet can lead to greatly reduced fuel consumption and emissions.
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Achieving smart fuel optimization

Using machine learning, MarineInsight’s artificial intelligence empowers you to choose the best voyage based on your ideal balance of time and fuel consumption.

Here’s how it works:

With less than a month of data, MarineInsight establishes a baseline for your vessel.

In preparation for your next voyage, the trip details are logged into MarineInsight, including port of departure, port of call, and arrival date.

MarineInsight then calculates prospective voyages that offer varying balances of voyage duration and fuel consumption.

You are empowered to choose the ideal balance that fits your timeline, fuel consumption expectations, and financial goals.

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