Data-Driven Maritime – Vision to Reality

As a team of data scientists with a passion for maritime, we have one goal:

Develop an artificially intelligent platform with machine learning to provide your team with actionable insight. We are unbiased, data-driven scientists … And we’re here to help you optimize your fleet – data point by data point, asset by asset, ship by ship.

The ioCurrents Solution

Our third party data analytics platform, MarineInsight, applies AI and machine learning models to provide your crews with real-time, analyzed, actionable data, from anywhere. Employing the IoT device on board to run the analytics in real-time, MarineInsight frequently and efficiently sends the analyzed, compressed data from the device on board to a secure cloud, where the shoreside team can access it.

Our commitment to providing actionable insight means that your team has a dedicated ioCurrents team member assisting them in setting KPIs prior to hardware installation, which is quick, easy, and non-invasive. These KPIs can (and often do) include fuel optimization, failure prediction, and improved maintenance. The IoT device onboard requires less than 24 hours to install, with no drydock required, and all configuration is completed remotely. Shoreside teams have live access to MarineInsight within a couple of days of install to avert any disruption in operations.

The ioCurrents Journey

Founders Cosmo King, CIO and Bhaskar Bhattacharyya, CTO were inspired to start ioCurrents when they noticed a technological gap in the maritime industry. In their work with geospatial IoT and sensor data, King and Bhattacharyya realized how their work could transform the maritime industry, propelling maritime maintenance, fuel economy, and failure prediction into the future. With their collective extensive experience in automation, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and their passion for maritime, King and Bhattacharyya developed ioCurrents and the solid foundation for their artificially intelligent platform, MarineInsight.

Today, ioCurrents is a privately funded, nimble organization based in Seattle, Washington. Solidifying the resiliency and durability of their IoT hardware and MarineInsight in the Northwest fishing and tug & barge industries, ioCurrents has expanded its reach and continues to be a leader in maritime data analytics. Providing a scalable, non-invasive, efficient, and affordable solution like the MarineInsight platform, ioCurrents now services most sectors of the maritime industry, including bulk cargo, tankers, container ships, tug & barge, and commercial fishing.

Meet The Team

Leadership Team

Will Roberts

Will Roberts


Cosmo King

Cosmo King

Co-Founder - CIO

Erik Logan

Erik Logan